PhD position in the project “Scales of fragmentation: bioarchaeological evidence of economic and social transformation from the Late Roman to Early Medieval period in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Job description:
The PhD student’s task will be analyse the connections between changes in human diet and nutrition, and the landscape transformations taking place across the Mediterranean at the end of Antiquity. The PhD thesis will be based on project results, published archaeological and environmental data, as well as written sources. The PhD student will be jointly supervised by Prof. Dr J. Niehoff-Panagiotidis (FU) and Dr hab. A. Izdebski (MPI). Tasks typical for a PhD position in history/archaeology/Byzantine Studies include: analysis of ancient textual sources from critical editions and of published archaeological reports; writing of publications; producing small datasets in Excel or Access; analysing environmental data from online repositories and scientific publications; help with coordination of workshops and project communication between the three institutions/groups involved. Regular business trips are to be expected. The position is meant to further the career and qualifications of the candidate.

Προθεσμία: 25/05/2020

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